Church History and Pastors

first church

pastor taylor


On October 8, 1947, Rev. C.E. Taylor started the first Church of God in Jackson, Tennessee, in a tent.  When the weather was too cold to hold services in the tent, Rev. Taylor and the congregation moved to City Hall and had services there.  Rev. Taylor and congregation bought a lot on East Chester Street in September 1948.  A tent was set up there for three months until the church could be built.

After the Church was finished, a revival was held that lasted for seven weeks.  As a result of that revival, Rev. Taylor took in 67 new members.  From there the church grew to 300 members.  At one time the church ran 500 in Sunday school alone.

With virtually no parking and a growing church, the majority decided to look for a new location.  Rev. Taylor found two acres at the corner of Parkway and Browns Church Road.  Before any work was done at the Parkway and Browns Church Road location, Rev. Taylor decided to retire after 39 years of pastoring the East Chester Street Church of God.

pastor stoker
In 1986, Rev. Charles Stoker became the pastor and sold the East Chester Street Church of God.  The church’s name was changed to Parkway Church of God and construction began at the new location.  The congregation met in various locations until it eventually moved into an unfinished building on Parkway.  Rev. Stoker left in 1990.
Pastor Gilliam
In 1990, Rev. Tony Gilliam, his wife Carolyn, and their two children came to pastor the Parkway Church of God.  During Rev. Gilliam’s time at Parkway, much of the building was completed.  Rev. Gilliam was pastor there for a little over two years.
In July 1992, Rev. Rick Lambert, his wife Lisa and their three children came to pastor.  When Rev. Lambert came, the church was badly in need of pews.  Enough money was raised to buy the pews, communion table, altar benches, and a pew for the stage area.  The church grew and was blessed during pastor Lambert’s time.   When Rev. Lambert left in 1995, all the bills were caught up and there was money in the bank.
pastor fugatt
In 1995, Rev. Michael Fugatt, his wife Phyllis, and two children came to be our pastors.  During pastor Fugatt’s time at Parkway, the church was redecorated, a van was purchased for the church, and the note was burnt on the building.  He left our church in November 1998 after serving three years as pastor.

In 1999, the church voted to call State Evangelist Rev. Richard Felts and his family to be our new pastor.  He accepted.  Under his leadership, the church purchased a parsonage and added on to the front and back of the church.  The addition included a porch in the front and a multi-purpose building in the back.  Rev. Felts resigned in May of 2004.


In 2004, Travis Ballinger was elected as the church’s pastor.  The church grew under Rev. Ballinger.  He brought fresh insight and creative ideas, one of which was to move to a new location as we were landlocked in the current one.  Before this was accomplished, Rev. Ballinger left in 2005. 



current building

bucy In 2005, Rev. Cecil Bucy and wife Alma were elected as our pastors.  Under his leadership, the church moved from its old location on Parkway to its new location at 333 Old Humboldt Road.  Since the church was no longer located on Parkway, members voted to change their name to Victory Worship Center.  Rev. Bucy retired in 2009.
On May 17, 2009, Rev. J.P. Stovall was appointed the new pastor of Victory Worship Center.  He is the youngest pastor in the state of Tennessee for the Church of God.  Under his leadership, the church is experiencing record growth.  The church has been remodeled and is involved in a massive campaign to pay off the debt.  He hopes not only to pay off the debt, but to build a sanctuary for the glory of God.



Rev. C.E. Taylor 1947-1986
Rev. Charles Stoker 1986-1990
Rev. Tony Gilliam 1990-1992
Rev. Rick Lambert 1992-1995
Rev. Michael Fugatt 1995-1998
Rev. Richard Felts 1999-2004
Rev. Travis Ballinger 2004-2005
Rev. Cecil Bucy 2005-2009
Rev. J.P. Stovall 2009-Present


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