2013 Audio Sermons

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2013 Sermons
12/29/13 am The Language of the Blood
12/22/13 am Christmas Is...For All People
12/15/13 am Christmas Is...Love
12/11/13 pm The Truth About UFOs
12/08/13 am Christmas Is ... Generosity
12/04/13 pm The Truth About Modesty
12/01/13 am The House That Wisdom Built
11/24/13 am More Than Enough Grace
11/20/13 pm The Truth About Gambling
11/17/13 am Blessed and Highly Favored Part 3
11/17/13 pm The Strength of the Strong
11/13/13 pm The Truth About Tattoos
11/10/13 am Blessed and Highly Favored Part 2
11/10/13 pm Judas' Symptoms: Signs of Betrayal
11/06/13 pm The Truth About Drinking
11/03/13 am Blessed and Highly Favored Part 1
11/03/13 pm Get Out of the Cave
10/30/13 pm Haunted by the Ghost
10/27/13 am The Miracles of Jesus 4: Persistence Overcomes Resistance
10/27/13 pm A Wind From Elsewhere
10/20/13 am The Miracles of Jesus 3: It's Time for Your Comeback
10/20/13 pm Finishing Strong
10/13/13 am The Miracles of Jesus 2: God Has Not Promised You Smooth Sailing... But He Has Promised You a Safe Landing
10/13/13 pm Meet Me at East Street
10/06/13 am The Miracles of Jesus 1: Celebration of Transformation
09/29/13 am Home Improvement 5
09/23/13 am Home Improvement 4
09/23/13 pm Get Your Fight Back
09/16/13 am Home Improvement 3
09/16/13 pm As For Me and My House
09/08/13 am Home Improvement 2
09/08/13 pm From Death Row to Dominion
09/01/13 am Home Improvement I
08/25/13 pm Jesus Christ...My Best Friend
08/25/13 am Stay Out of the Woods

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