2010 Audio Sermons

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2010 Sermons
04/11/2010 am The Measure of the Miraculous
04/11/2010 pmTri-God Sermon 1: Tethered to the Trinity
05/09/2010 am The Greatest Mother's Day Gift
05/16/2010 am Don't Tear Your Clothes
05/23/2010 am The Radical Statements of Jesus: Sermon 1 - You Can Do Greater Works
05/23/2010 pm Why We Are a Pentecostal Church
06/06/2010 pm The Radical Statements of Jesus: Sermon 3 - Your Money Can Keep You Out of Heaven
06/13/2010 am But At Midnight
06/13/2010 pm The Four Beasts
06/20/2010 am God's Model for Manhood
06/20/2010 am The Radical Statements of Jesus: Sermon 2 - Your Faith Can Move Mountains
06/20/2010 pm Tri-God: Sermon 2 - Holy Mystery
06/27/2010 am A Trip to the Potter's House
06/27/2010 pm A Nail In a Sure Place
07/04/2010 am A Nation Within a Nation
07/11/2010 am Bro. Kip Box
07/18/2010 am Joseph's Journey: Sermon 1 - Joseph and Jesus
07/18/2010 pm Spiritual Rebellion
07/25/2010 pm Joseph's Journey: Sermon 2 - The Favor of God

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